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  • Guide to Marketing Momentum

    This guide is all about sharing the valuable (and very profitable) knowledge I’ve collated and curated over decades of running and working with real businesses. This information is simple and

  • Business Boost Workshop

    Sometimes we need to stop for a moment, put our head above the parapet, and take stock. We don't really know what is going to happen in the economy, with so much uncertainty. What I do know is

  • Gap Quiz

    Do you know exactly where the gaps are in your business? This quick, easy business gap quiz is designed for any business to quickly spot where the gaps are in your marketing foundation blocks. Use

  • Business Success Guide

    It's easier than ever to market your business with the wealth of tools and techniques available to us. And at the same time it's even more complicated. No matter if you’re a freelancer,

  • Email Marketing

    So you're wondering how email marketing can add more revenue to your business. Well, grab a cuppa. Sit back while I walk you through why you should absolutely make email one of your main

  • Weekly Marketing Checklist

    I've put together a weekly checklist to help you dominate your marketing. It starts with content and this guide full of tips has a step by step guide to creating content in half the time with

  • Service Business Survival Guide

    I've put together a guide including actionable steps you can take and marketing strategies for you to swipe. These steps are easy and free to implement! If you spend 45 minutes every day

Favourite Tools

All my favourite tools for business

My diary management skills leave something to be desired so I use Calendly to make booking and scheduling discovery calls and client meetings easy peasy. Saves so much time without the need to go back and forth to ask for free days and times, and then sending calendar invites.

This is a great video editor and screen capture tool. It's so user-friendly I think of it as the 'Power Point' of video editors but better. If you need to do video tutorials, presentations, courses then this is a thing you'll need. Says it's better for PC but I have no problems on my Mac.

All the tools to get more done with branded email, calendars, hangouts for meetings, storage and more. I am a big fan of Google’s G Suite. Everything in one place, there’s not much better for freelancers and small businesses. Check it out and ask me about it! 

Looking for an email service provider that’s easy peasy lemon squeezy? MailChimp is magic, you can get started for free or sign up for some heavy hitting tools to automate your marketing like a dream.

If you’ve seen some of my courses, I use Podia for managing the content and it’s great for clients to track their progress and come back in their own time to go through important training to help crack the growth code for their business. 

I love trello for quickly capturing ideas, my content marketing schedule, planning launches and a whole lot more. It's super easy to use and everything is one screen taking my need for organisation to the next level.

Favourite Books

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