I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I struggled with the word ‘coach’. I thought about calling myself a consultant, but that felt too stuffy. It’s been a battle.

Either way, here’s what I help established service-based business owners do:

  • grow revenue by at least 72% in 9 to 12 months with a well-rounded growth strategy

  • map out their value ladder and implement sales and marketing systems that help businesses do the things they’ve not done before to change their results

  • help to automate business processes to save time, improve margins and serve customers better

  • provide the 'operating system' to create more consistent, predictable, reliable, and repeatable results.

If coaching is those things, then I’m a coach. I’ve helped businesses do them all, and sometimes all it takes is a conversation and a different perspective. I want to see your business thrive, I’ve got the Growth Code® operating system, and I provide the support to implement it into your business.

How It Works.

You and your goals

Tell me your location

This is all about getting back to your vision and why you started in the first place. We'll look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We'll discover what your frustrations are, what keeps you up and night, and why you're stuck. Then we'll prioritise the approach for you.

The system

Are you ready to take action and put the work in?

We’ll begin implementing a sales and marketing system that will work for your business. We'll put in place the foundation blocks for some quick wins to get you results early on. We’ll look at what numbers to track, and create your action plan to start attracting clients more regularly.

The support

This is the glue that holds it all together.

I’ll personally guide you, keeping you on track with regular calls and by reviewing the things you’re implementing. Support is key to making sure that all the plans and actions don’t sit alone in the cupboard with the rest of your good intentions. Sound harsh? Maybe. But I will push you to be resourceful and get things done because we’re here to get you the results you deserve. You in?

Book your discovery call

Work with me to break through to the next level, and go further and faster in your business. This is your first step to geometric growth for your business, less stress, and quitting the job that you own. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to discuss achieving your business goals.

Coaching FAQs

How can business coaching help me?

There's a wealth of research and reports on how business coaching helps with performance, revenue and so on which I’m not going to quote verbatim. However, setting smart goals and having the right support to develop the strategies and implement them consistently will help you create, well, anything you want.

When is it time to hire a business coach?

Have you ever come home from work feeling a bit battered from the busyness and thought, ‘what the hell have I actually done today?’

We’ve all been stuck in the weeds.

You’re so busy on the treadmill that is running the business that you’ve lost sight of:

  1. Your vision

  2. Why you started

You don’t have time or energy to work on:

  • Strategy

  • Things that will move the needle

If you’re ready to quit the job you own, it might be high time to hire a business coach.

Business coach vs life coach

When we own our own business, can we ever really separate business and life? I don’t think so. That’s why when I start working with you, the discovery process will be about designing a life you love so we know exactly what the business goals need to be. I’m not a life coach, but this is all about redesigning your business to be exactly what you want it to be.

Business coaching vs executive coach

Executive coach, leadership coach, developing competencies. That all sounds a bit much to me. Business coaching is simple and it should be results-focused. I’m here for two things and two things only - to help you put in place (1) a system to generate growth and improve your business, and (2) to provide support to help you get sh** done. 

What should I consider before hiring a business coach?

If you're considering hiring a business coach, your thinking is up there with the top third of high-performing business owners. Whether you work with me or another coach, it's important to make the best decision for you. There are five questions to ask, you can explore that further here before hiring a business coach.

What are your coaching client results?

Great question! I'm glad you asked. On average my clients grow their businesses by 72% within nine months of working together. I have more than 50 testimonials to have a look through, you can read and listen to some specific client coaching results and testimonials here.

How you can work with me

There are a number of ways I could be involved in transforming your business. To keep things simple, I’ve created the three coaching packages below. If one of these doesn’t fit what you’re looking for, let’s chat.

  • Coaching Sprint

    $1,500 one off

    A short, sharp focus on your business’s biggest sticking point, with one-to-one coaching calls and regular check-ins.

  • Nail It & Scale It®

    $5,000 investment

    A program designed to nail your marketing strategy and a roadmap to scale it. This is a 12-week intensive with coaching calls for implementation support with a fay in full or pay monthly option.

  • The Growth Code®

    $2,200 pcm

    A long-term commitment to implementing the powerful systems and structures that will set you up for a lifetime of business success (min 3 month commitment).

No risk promise

I'm so confident that I can add value to your business that's greater than the cost of my fees. If that's not happened after the first three months, I'll refund your monthly fees and you can walk away. Terms do apply.

Let’s get serious about growth

Schedule your free 30-minute call today to get started on redesigning your business and life.

Still not ready to chat?

If you've got a few more questions about business coaching, what's right for you and you're not quite ready to schedule your call, no problem. Use this form to drop me a line and I'll respond shortly.