1 lead per day into the business!

From no tracking and data, no system for marketing and sales, and suffering from the "rollercoaster effect" to averaging 1 lead per day into the business and record multi-six figure revenue months. Now GENUINE has a dashboard where every lead source is tracked, every quarter adding a new marketing pillar to the business to scale the marketing. Now with two years of marketing, making decisions to maximise marketing effort and dollars is easier. This is what found and CEO Jill says:

Revenue "tipped over double"

Working with Paul and his career coaching business, Thrivherd has been an absolute pleasure. Prior to working together, Paul was struggling to see traction in the business until we put in place some foundations, and tracking, and recently celebrated that he's tipped over DOUBLE his revenue in the first year. We're looking forward to doing that again, if not better.

122% Growth in Turnover

I worked with Chris and his web agency for nearly two years, in the first year the turnover grew by 122%. The business was doing well but had been stuck on a revenue plateau. We got to work on the foundations and initially focused on overhauling the pricing model. Next, we looked at best buyers and aligned clients to align what we wanted to sell, and what was profitable with market fit. We built a 10-10-10 program to grow the business sustainably with more ease (and long-awaited vacations for the founders). They celebrated 122% growth and they're all set to scale the business to £1m and beyond.

£90k pipeline in 9 days!

David owns a web design agency, we worked together for 9 months to create the systems, leads, and pipeline to give him more time freedom and financial prosperity. When we started working together, we had to work fast to get a pipeline developed. In a few days, David had a £90k sales pipe and a revenue forecast tool set up (which is now his favourite spreadsheet). David said, "The process has been transformational"...

Hitting multi-7 figure targets!

Working with Littlefield, we identified what we needed to reposition and that the agency needed to pivot with its niche. After deciding what to focus on and creating a 30, 60, and 90-day roadmap the agency hit its targets of $3.5m and is on track for $4m. I couldn't be more delighted for the team, they had everything they needed already and with a little focus, they're hitting those multi-7 figure targets.

Helping a multi passionate entrepreneur

Wally said, "the different perspectives Sian has helped me to see in my multiple businesses are amazing, her content is smart, well organised, thought-provoking and laid out in a way that you can go back to it again and again.... The insights I’ve had with Sian have allowed me to see things inside of me and inside and outside business that I frankly wasn’t able to see before. She’ll reveal things that other people won’t tell you or probably can’t even see”

Coaching Client Messages

I get to meet and work with incredible business owners around the world. It's messages like these, not only with financial goals, that fill me with incredible joy. Helping to free business owners from what's got them stuck is the reason I get up every day. You read dozens more reviews on Google and over on LinkedIn.

Would you like to be the next client success story? Let's have a chat.

What other people say about me

I've worked with Sian for a number of months now as a coaching client. I can't speak highly enough of her. She is enthusiastic, committed, insightful, strategic, and always helpful. I get value with every call, as well as a solid actionable plan for business growth. 'Sian calls' are a highlight of my week and my business grows as a direct result. I would not hesitate in recommending her to any business owner looking to grow in a purposeful, strategic manner.

David Horn
Agency Owner

I'm so glad I found Sian! She has become an extension of our team and provides great direction, inspiration and support for our marketing campaigns. Her thought process, knowledge and analysis are spot on. She's got bags of passion, thinks outside the box and is extremely organised. I couldn't recommend working with Sian highly enough.

Diana Greenhalgh
My Bespoke Room

Sian was an absolute lifesaver at a time when I was really struggling with my business. She provided me with a clear direction, along with the strategies and tactics to use along the way. There are so many things that Sian has helped me with that there are too many to mention! Before hiring a coach, I was apprehensive as I really didn't want a 'find yourself/believe in yourself' type mentor, I wanted someone to give me strong and educated advice on what to do with my business. Sian provided that and much, much more! My advice if you are thinking of getting a business coach: try Sian, you won't regret it!

David Roberts
Nature's Child

Working with Sian has given me so much clarity. I came to Sian wanting to take my business to the next level and it gives me so much confidence having her in my corner. I look forward to every call. She is always one step ahead and has a solution to every issue. I am so pleased I found her!

Kira Mahal
CEO at MotivatePT

When faced with the challenge of growing my business as a team of one, I often felt the lack of someone to bounce ideas off, someone, who could give me valuable and realistic feedback on the vision for my company. And then I found Sian. Working with Sian has given me confidence in the things that I was getting right and support in the areas I found challenging. After every coaching call with her, I came away with practical possible solutions to problems that previously had me going around in circles. Less tangibly but equally importantly, I also felt supported and that I had someone ‘on my side’. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Sian to grow your business.

Charlotte Andrew
Maximum Classics

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