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  • 29 Ways To Get More Sales

    To grow your business and increase your profits, requires you taking action. Implementing some of the strategies and tactics in this book will be transformational for your business.

  • 90 Day Success Planner

    This powerful Three Halves™ planning method helps you get more done and focus on what's important to move the needle in your business or get closer to your goals. How to separate the 'day to day' from the projects and work that will deliver game-changing results.

  • Content that Sells like Hot Pizza

    Nothing can fix a broken offer. This recipe book will fast track you to planning and creating compelling, tasty content that sells your brand like hot pizza!

  • Zero to Email Marketing Hero

    Don’t want to fork out for an agency to set up your email marketing, don’t want to pay through the nose for a copywriter to craft your emails? I get you and I’ve got your back.

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