Content that Sells like Hot Pizza


Nothing can fix a broken offer. This recipe book will fast track you to planning and creating compelling, tasty content that sells your brand like hot pizza!

What’s inside?

  • Four step guide to creating compelling, tasty content
  • Customer avatar worksheet to get to know your customers like never before
  • Extra slice, the content pillars that help you bake authenticity into your content
  • The steps to create a compelling offer
  • How to adjust your headlines so they're five times more likely to get noticed

Either you’re hungry, like pizza or you’re putting together content for a new website, campaign or marketing piece and you’re kind of stuck. Well chef, if it’s the latter then you’re in the right place so get your apron on.

You don’t need to be a Pulitzer prize winning writer to pull together authentic copy and content with personality. I’ve got a four-step guide plus an extra slice and extra toppings in the following pages that will help you make a start and write content with flavour.