Zero to Email Marketing Hero


Don’t want to fork out for an agency to set up your email marketing, don’t want to pay through the nose for a copywriter to craft your emails? I get you and I’ve got your back.

What’s inside?

  • 5 step play by play to get you set up from zero to sending emails in 5 days with less than 45 minutes per day
  • The strategies to get you building your email list from zero to at least 250 inside a month
  • Ways to serve your list for success, loads of 'how to' and writing guides all in one place
  • My email vault with 27 plug and play email templates for maximum engagement, to save you oodles of time and no need to hire a copywriter
  • 52 weeks of subject line inspiration so you never have to stare at a blank page again
  • Ideal customer avatar work sheet
  • My list building secrets with my highest converting campaign ever for you to swipe
  • My weekly marketing checklist for you to create content in half the time
  • Plus loads of extras like my guide on picking the perfect email platform for you and what to watch out for

An incredible amount of value, you’d have paid thousands to an agency to do what I’m going to teach you in 5 easy steps and you’d have paid hundreds for a copywriter to come up with the words for your coveted emails.

And for the pièce de résistance and what I’m super geekishly proud of, the email vault. Over 47 plug-and-play email templates from my signature cold email series, lead magnet to sale series, the subject line vault and more. I've helped clients increase their open rates, engagement and close sales in record times with these templates, they are tried and tested.

All of this great content is presented to you on a Trello Board, you’ll get to make a copy of the board and it’s yours forever. Don’t worry, Trello has a free version and that’s all you’ll need.