Why you need Clients Like Clockwork®

Business has stalled so you’re marketing like mad. But no one’s biting. Despite what you’re telling yourself, the problem probably isn’t with the people you’re trying to reach - it’s with you and the messages you’re putting out there. Clients Like Clockwork® is my powerful 12-week program designed to help you understand exactly where you fit into your customers’ lives, and the actions you need to take to add the kind of clarity and value that speaks their language.

I’m here to help your business thrive, not to be another draw on your costs. I fully expect you to attract at least three new clients before the 12-week program is even finished.

Here's what you get for $500

The 12-week course is a detailed roadmap to get your business where you want to be.

  • A comprehensive library of workbooks, tools and videos to guide you through the pillars

  • (Optional) coaching calls to make sure you stay motivated and on track

  • Access to my signature Outbound Prospecting workshop

  • My Zero to Email Marketing Hero email templates and playbook

  • Lifetime access to the training so you can dip back in whenever you need

Is Clients Like Clockwork® right for you? 

I’ve created this course for agency owners and owners of client service businesses who want to break the feast/famine cycle and take decisive steps towards working on their business, not for it. You’ll need to bring your commitment, but in return, you’ll be rewarded with a new vision for everything your business could be. I promise.

Jump on in

So what do you think? Are you ready to start attracting a regular stream of clients that will grow your business and set you up for long-term success?

Not quite ready?

If you've got a few more questions about the program and you're not quite ready to sign up right away, no problem. Use this form to drop me a line and I'll respond within 24 hours. Tell me your name, email address, a little about your business and the biggest challenge or obstacle you have with getting clients on demand.


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