Highlights of 2021

In the last 12 months, the Growth Code® podcast has featured as one of the Top 50 UK Business Podcasts on the web. As if I wasn’t delighted enough with this news, the podcast has also been selected as one of the Best 25 Business Coach Podcasts! This blows my mind and I feel extremely grateful to my followers and listeners who have come along with me on the Growth Code® journey so far.

Top 10 Growth Code® Podcast Episodes of the Year

The Growth Code® covers unapologetic real talk, business advice, insights, discussions, and more to help business owners crack the Growth Code®. From goal setting, productivity to social media, business hacks as well as sales and marketing that help you redesign a business that loves you back. Because your business should give you the results you deserve. So, as we near the year-end, let’s buckle up and dive into the top 10 Growth Code® podcast episodes of 2021.

Why Your Competitors Charge So Much More Than You

Charging more, finding your perfect price point, and creating consistent revenues are topics that are covered in this episode. You can charge more than your competitors, there are a few fundamentals to explore, and then let's talk about three action points start charging more with confidence.

Upgrade Your Operating System for Profit

Tiered towards agency businesses, this episode gives agency owners the tips and action points to turn their operating systems from what can sometimes look (and most importantly, feel) like a never-ending boom and bust rollercoaster, into profit and prosperity.

Build Your Business in 90 Minutes (Or Three Halves)

In this value-packed episode, we take a 30,000-foot view to look at how to grow your business in 90 minutes a day via my Three Halves Method®. These are the things you need to focus on, what things to do (and not do), how you can develop positive habits all in a bid to help you become a successful business builder!

Five Ways to Find Un-monetised Revenue In Your Business

For anyone looking to find a revenue boost and some hidden gold in your business, this episode was designed for you. I share five quick, easy (free) ways to find un-monetised revenue in your business with clear action steps to get you liquidating that hidden revenue in 30 days or less. 

Six Steps to Stop Leaving Money on The Table

Those who follow me will be aware of how much I stress that your follow-up process needs to be exceptional to avoid leaving money on the table. In this episode, I cover the six success factors to help you craft a systematic follow-up that will get results and help you get over your fear and limiting beliefs around the follow-up. 

11 Ways To Increase Average Order Value

Coupled with a free downloadable Geometric Growth Worksheet to help determine your business growth potential, this week’s episode talked specifically to service-based and digital businesses about the 11 ways to increase their Average Order Value - i.e. the fastest and easiest strategies to increase revenue and profits! 

Pricing and Charging More

Pricing imposter syndrome can be a tricky path to navigate, but untangling that can help you confidently charge your worth. Topics covered in this episode of the Growth Code podcast include factors that affect pricing, how pricing is part of your brand strategy, and how to ethically influence the perception of value.

What are you known for?

As a business, what do we want to be known for? Are you able to say it out loud succinctly without hesitation, without thinking? If you haven’t got a super clear value articulation statement nailed down yet, the aim of this episode was to provide five actionable steps to work on it.

3 Ways Nailing Your Niche Is a Game Changer For Your Sales

Dreaming about having your inbox full of people asking to be a client or full of sales confirmations needn’t be a dream for a second more. There are just a few ducks to get in a row (that I conveniently cover in this episode!) before that can happen for you. 

What Numbers To Track In Your Business

Every business is different and depending on your goals which are unique to you, deciding on which numbers to track is important. This episode guides you through the numbers you should track to achieve success in your business, as well as the three essential components to tracking these metrics.

If you haven’t already, it’d be an absolute honour if you could check out and subscribe to the Growth Code® podcast - available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon (basically anywhere you may listen to your podcasts). And if you’re already a Growth Code® follower, know that I appreciate every single time you tune in. I can’t wait to go live with some amazing episodes planned for you in 2022, including some super exciting guest collaborations!

As ever, if you're stuck and are looking for some help with your business in the New Year, DM me on social or email hello@workwithsian.co.uk.

Happy holidays; wishing you a wonderful, prosperous, and successful 2022.

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