My prediction is that it’s going to be a year of strength: building and finding strength in you and your business. I hope that you find more ease and flow in whatever your goal pursuits are. 

With that in mind, I wanted to ask you a question. And this is for you to answer so get honest with yourself.  

Last year, how many times did you feel pulled in so many directions causing you to lose focus? Did getting pulled in so many directions pull you off track to reaching your goals in 2023?

I know you want to create a business and life you love. I want that for you too.

So, this year instead of overcommitting, letting distractions and things pull you in a million directions it helps to know exactly what your non-negotiables are.

Why? Quite simply, if you don’t take control, someone or something else will. 

Strategically approach 2024 business plans

Non-negotiables will ultimately help you approach your business plans more strategically, with less reactiveness.

And I talk a lot about how we as business owners get to decide. We get to decide our way to better results, better outcomes, and a better life. So decide wisely. 

You might want to journal on what the important areas are in your life and business. And look at what has been consistently causing you heartburn. That’ll help you to come up with your non-negotiables because they will be different for you than they are for me and the next person. 

Here are my non-negotiables for 2024 

#1 Time is our greatest asset, treat it as such

Oddly I saw this “time is your greatest asset” slogan on a billboard, then I kept seeing the same message over and over again. I decided this was going to be my first non-negotiable.

In my Growth Code® coaching program, I teach my clients a system for productivity, designing focus, and your ideal weeks. Going beyond the work calendar, I am going to be intentional about boundaries and saying no. Time is our greatest asset and if we aren’t intentional about protecting it someone or something will take control. That’s time that could otherwise be spent with a loved one or working on knocking things out towards a goal. 

Read more on setting boundaries > 

#2 Better work-life integration 

I am not ashamed to admit that I’m the kind of person who can work all the hours. There’s been many a time when my husband has gently pulled me away from my office knowing that I’ll only stop when I’m told to. 

That’s not a bad thing. You see I’ve never subscribed to the idea of “work-life balance” as I believe like the seasons we have different periods of growth, building, and slowing down and it calls for more or less focus and time. What I would like to have this year is better work-life integration. What does that mean? 

Parkinson’s Law says that work will expand to fill the time it’s given.

That being said, I am going to create more time for inner work, my spiritual growth, and my family. Naturally, that will shrink the time I allow for work but I have no doubt I’ll still get as much done. 

Work-life integration might look different for you. Maybe you want to have a 4-day week not work after 6 pm and on weekends or simply schedule lunch breaks! There has to be time that is off limits to work to allow yourself to properly rest and that is based in science. 

Read more on the science of “shut down rituals” here

#3 Core focus 

We have all set goals. We have all set goals and fallen short. That may or may not have made you goal-shy, I know I’ve experienced that. I’ve certainly noticed online that people are talking less about goals and more about the things that are “in” or “out” for them in 2024. 

I am going to have no more than three core goals for 2024 to create focus. And my roadmap is going to ensure that no matter what, every single week there are 1, 2, or 3 actions that work towards those goals. Without fail. 

I’ve created a system to do that and a created a roadmap to follow. That means there's nothing to do but do it. I’m pleased that all my clients have their goals and roadmaps laid out for this year and I’ll be holding everyone accountable to just DO THE THINGS. 

If you would like this goal mapping and roadmap tool, the template is available to you to download at Along with a bunch of other done-for-you tools and templates to help your business go further faster. 

So, what are your non-negotiables? 

Think about where you’ve experienced challenges or pain in 2023 about the things that are important to you. Jot them down and the key to your success is sticking to your non-negotiables. 

And by the way, I’m holding a live workshop soon to share the WHAT and HOW of working on your business in 2024. 

Join me on January 25th for this live mini-training. Head over to LinkedIn to sign up and get notified when I go live. 

I hope to see you there.

And may I take one more opportunity to wish you a truly happy new year and a hugely successful 2024.  

You’ve got this. 


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